Richard Myers Biography

(8/21/29 – 12/7/14)

fs_2337211_0006Richard Myers was the principal trombonist with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra for 39 years. His interest in the trombone was sparked when he was a twelve-year-old boy in his native Oklahoma City. Mr. Myers admired the hats worn by his school’s marching band members, and chose to play the trombone so that he could participate in the ensemble. Mr. Myers graduated from Central High School in Oklahoma City, and enrolled at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, where he studied with Eastman’s legendary trombone professor, Emory Remington. Remington’s emphasis on the trombone’s lyrical qualities significantly influenced Mr. Myers’ performance and composition style, as well as his teaching philosophy. In his senior year at Eastman, Mr. Myers enlisted in the United States Air Force Band, where he served for four years under the direction of Colonel Arnald Gabriel. He was appointed principal trombonist of the Buffalo Philharmonic in 1955 by music director Josef Krips, and retired in 1994. During his tenure with the BPO, Mr. Myers served on numerous contract negotiation committees and was a union spokesman for musicians.

In 1960, Mr. Myers founded the Buffalo Trombone Choir at the University of Buffalo, from fs_2337209_0007which he ultimately earned his bachelor’s degree. He was the conductor of the Buffalo Trombone Choir for more than 50 years, and was an adjunct professor of music at UB until 1994. Mr. Myers was also on the faculty of Fredonia State, and taught hundreds of private students at his home on Grand Island. His passion for music and love of teaching inspired many of his students to pursue careers in music – a legacy of which he was particularly proud.

fs_2337215_0004Mr. Myers was a prolific arranger as well as a dedicated teacher and performer. His numerous arrangements for trombone ensemble have been published by Ensemble Publications in Ithaca, New York. In addition, The Richard Myers Series is available through Accura Music, Inc. Trombone ensembles worldwide regularly perform Mr. Myers’ lyrical arrangements, which enables his unique influence to live on.